Sunday, June 21, 2009

Worst BINGO player

Sorry about the 3:51 thing. I was trying to post this article, but it messed up big time. Well here goes my article: This is my 6th year at the beach playing the classic game of BINGO. There are 23 games of BINGO each year, and I have never won a game. I did the math when we had an intermission, and I figured out that 6 x 23 = 138. 6 for the years, and 23 for the games. Although I am 0-138, I am close about every time. 0-138 might be bad, but hey, there's Mountain Dew and candy!

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  1. Just remember, the best meal is a free meal. Bingo, family reunions, church, and work picnics......I will paint on a smile and chow down. The best times are when you break bread with friends and family.

    By the way cheeseburgers just surpassed pizza on my top ten. Quesadillas are gaining ground. Wings and any type of pork are hanging tough.